If You Build a VPP, They Will Come: Making VPPs Available and Beneficial to All

The Department of Energy’s Virtual Power Plant Commercial Liftoff report released in September 2023 makes a strong call for expanding the deployment of Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), simplifying enrollment, and...

Smart Homes, Smarter Grids: How Sense is Shaping the Future of Energy Management

Sense has partnered with Fraunhofer USA and Boston University to deliver on a Department of Energy (DOE) pilot program. This project is part of the DOE’s nearly $83 million in funding to 44 projects that aim...

Why Smart Meters Deserve a Second Chance

Smart meters were first introduced in the United States in 2006, and with them came the promise of a smart energy revolution. Smart meters were going to give utilities and customers access to data that was...


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How the Sense Energy Monitor Works

With Sense, you can track your energy usage in real-time down to the second, identify energy hogs in your home and even set notifications to track the use of specific devices. How does Sense do all this? It all starts with the small orange box that...