A “Wave” of Innovation at the Edge is Changing How Utilities Manage Distribution

With the latest climate change report from the UN, the pace of the energy transition could be poised to accelerate. Already facing a surge in renewable energy and DERs coming online and an increase in demand from electrified homes and vehicles, further acceleration could wreak havoc on grid reliability. Now is the time to change how we manage the distribution system – and the good news is that the technology we need to meet the moment is already available.

Smart meters capable of sampling waveforms are the new generation grid sensor

Electric meters can now measure voltage and current tens-of-thousands of times per second in real-time, otherwise known as waveform data. This data provides more details about real-time energy use and can be used to characterize and isolate power phenomena signatures. Combined with machine learning, waveform monitoring enables powerful real-time device-level detection and energy use insights.

Read the full article in Energy Central’s special edition “Investing in the Grid for Reliability & Resilience”

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