2023 Consumer Energy Insights Report

To meet climate goals, utilities are modernizing the grid with technology investments and automation. However, it should not be overlooked that customer behavior has a big impact on the success of these efforts.

Sense surveyed 1,600 residential energy consumers to understand:

● What their baseline is (how do they think about energy) ● How they are taking action today ● What the potential is for future action.

Overwhelmingly, we found consumers want energy efficient solutions but lack tools to manage home energy use.

Our connected and always-on lifestyle has made real-time information essential to consumers, who often feel stymied by outdated, opaque information about their energy use. Only 34% of survey respondents believe that utilities are working to help customers use less electricity.

Utilities must ensure the technology investments they are making, including next generation smart meters, deliver real-time experiences that empower customers to understand their home energy use, reduce their costs and carbon impact.

Download the report here

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