Capitalizing on the Future of the Grid: $176 per customer per year in system benefits driven by real-time decision-making

Access to real-time data leads to major cost savings. According to analysis from The Brattle Group, the annual conservation benefit derived from Sense-enabled smart meters (before the implementation of any...

Higher Power Prices, Sustainability, Energy Transition: For Electric Utilities, Consumer Engagement is a Must

Keeping the lights on is getting more complicated day by day for those who run our distribution utilities. For one thing, it’s more expensive, and customers don’t like that. Plus, there are more intermittent...

Behind the Meter Intelligence Unlocks Better Grid Management

More than two-thirds of American households – 65% – now have smart meters connecting them to the power grid, according to analysts at Guidehouse. That means utilities can get voltage and frequency from each...


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2023 Consumer Energy Insights Report

To meet climate goals, utilities are modernizing the grid with technology investments and automation. However, it should not be overlooked that customer behavior has a big impact on the success of these efforts. Sense surveyed 1,600 residential...